"Doing Lucy’s 3 month private program was magical! She truly held space for me to dream big, with no limits.


I had no idea how much support I’d be getting ! Thanks to Facebook lives, Lucy’s huge loving presence is felt all the time.


It’s like having a personal support team and my dreams are on fire!"

Janice Radomsky - Brand Strategist
New York


Bring your dreams to the world and claim your magnificence


This is a sacred 6 month circle to turn up your light & fire up your dreams with 6 other big dreamers just like you. You’ll be absolutely blown away by the rate at which you elevate and transform your life, gain fierce momentum, deep self-love and claim your epic power.


Who is it for?

This is for you if you are ready to show up for yourself like never before with guns blazing. That means busting through any resistance trying to run the show, facing it head on so you can transform it and kiss it goodbye. This circle is for you to get the huge support you deserve to bring your big dreams and gifts to the world unapologetically. It’s time to DO YOU!


Why should you do this program?

Because you are so over playing small and want to come out of hiding and say YESSSS to your dream. In 6 months your dream will be activated and you’ll be in shock at how far you’ve come. You are ready to take up space, shine your light brighter and bring your gifts to this world. You will be held and deeply supported while you step into your courage, confidence and conviction. There’s no room to play small around here. You’ll be too busy shooting for the stars to worry about what other people think and I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way with tools, rituals and practices that will rock your world. I hold a huge space and know exactly how to guide you back to your magic.  


Why work with me?

I am a fierce loving leader ready to support you with your dreams and hold HUGE space for you to blaze a new path that excites the pants off you. I know what it’s like to sit on a dream and lose your sparkle. I had the perfect life on paper but was dying on the inside not doing my dream. So I got out of my own way and showed up for myself like never before and transformed my entire life.


Why is this program head and shoulders above the rest?

This program is off the friggin hook because of the HUGE level of support and speed at which you’ll grow and bring your epic dreams to the world. It’s an intimate and powerful space with only 6 women who are all out to play a huge game - I don’t tolerate b.s. in this space. Resistance always comes up whenever we transform but I’m there to help keep your eye on the prize, It’s sacred and where the frequency is high, deeply nurturing and very supportive. This work is profound and moves at the speed of light so you can take flight! 


This is not some "kumbaya" circle where we make daisy chains and share stories. This is a sacred platform where shit gets real, lives get changed and magic happens. Go deep or go home. You’ll learn how to call in your dreams with your imagination and bring your magic to the world.


It’s through my own huge journey of claiming my truth, my self love, my self expression, my power and turning up my light that I’m able to guide you back to your own magnificence. I’m incredibly intuitive and know what is required for you to step back into your greatness. This space is for you, to dream bigger than you thought was even possible.

Power Invocation - Lucy Shahjahan
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