Hi. I'm Lucy!

At 31 years old, I had a wake-up call and was sick of living a rockstar life on paper that was having me die quietly on the inside. I was playing it safe, going along with the status quo not living my truth and had become a professional people pleaser.


I woke up one day and saw a picture of myself at my friend's birthday, and saw a girl with zero sparkles in her eyes. I literally cried for 2 days as this photo hit me smack in that face that I was living a lie. Everything in that moment became clear!!

I realized just how out of alignment I was with my inner world, my truth and how full of shit I had become with what I was wanting for myself. The courageous big dreamer who didn't care what others thought and the fierce adventurer was nowhere to be seen.


I was attracting all the wrong men, drinking too much and completely disconnected with my truth. I made really good excuses, and justifications, for why I didn't need to show up fully, and be all of who I am, and was playing it safe in every area of my life. I'd lost my mojo entirely.


Over the years I had been told my personality was too big and that if I didn't dim it down, I would never meet Mr. Right to settle down and have a beautiful family. I bought into it. I traded in my bright light for a dim one to not stand out too much.

WOW thank god I woke up. It's a much longer story but what had me go from this girl to an empowered risk taking woman who doesn't let what people think hold her back is the deep transformational work I dove into.


I rolled up my sleeves, got my butt into a program that kept me accountable and started looking at what was having me play small, started confronting those limiting beliefs/behaviors and started carving out a new life for myself - one that was full of possibility.


It required me to see clearly the low vibrational choices I was making and give up those pesky limiting behaviors that had me play small and sabotage my success.

I awakened the powerhouse that was always inside me, learned how to love myself fully and IGNITED MY INNER QUEEN. I grabbed life by the horns and said GAME ON LUCY go create whatever you set your mind to. I did just that and to this day have moved my life forward with velocity and momentum where risk taking is the norm and I can now say I live my truth with conviction.  


Today I am married to my SOULMATE, and we are starting a family. I am empowered and sharing myself with you fully, so that you can live the life that you truly want and DESERVE. If there is anything in your way, join me on this journey.